"Economically Motivated Integrity" editorial by Bent Creek Institute's President Greg Cumberford appears in Natural Products Industry Insider on-line

Greg Cumberford's expanded editorial on harnessing the power of "economically motivated integrity" (EMI) to combat economically motivated adulteration (EMA) in dietary supplement supply chains has been published by Virgo Publications in the Natural Products Industry Insider's on-line journal. The digital issue is entitled "Ensuring Ingredient Identity: Focus on Testing Methods" and is available for download at: 




BCI, Inc. and BCGR featured in NewHope Media article on North Carolina's medicinal plant economy

Greg Cumberford, President of Bent Creek Institute, and Dr. Joe-Ann McCoy, Director of Research at the Bent Creek Germplasm Repository of The North Carolina Arboretum, were featured in a national editorial by NewHope Media senior editor Hank Schultz. The article can be accessed at: